Maple Ave. Designs

Maple Ave. Designs, Alexander F. Brent, Architect offers architectural services ranging from simple "what-if" ideas, through to full construction documentation for projects, no matter the size.


Alex has 15 years of experience working as an architect in all parts of design and construction.  From helping clients decide what a project could be, to working with owners, contractors, and officials to form a project team that works together to the end of construction,  Alex brings his energy and enthusiasm to all parts of a project.  Having lived in as varied places as Hawaii and Europe, he brings this experience to his work.  He feels it is important to be conscientious, using the appropriate amount of detail, while keeping sight of the big picture and overall goals of a project.   Performing the design and hands-on construction work of renovating two homes and a garage has given Alex an understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities in every project.

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